Eighth Grade Advice

You are getting ready for high school and you are going into the 8th grade. Eighth grade is kind of hard, and you may or may not like your teachers. I think you will love 8th grade. You may not like your teacher in 7th grade, but you will love your 8th grade teachers. You will have to keep your locker clean so that you can find your homework. Do not lose it in your locker when you are in 8th grade or your teacher will be mad at you. And they are good at that. I really like social studies class in 8th grade.

Since you are a grade older, and about to be in high school, the teachers expect more from you than they did in 7th grade. They are trying to get you ready for high school. In 8th grade you have more freedom but need to be responsible. Eighth grade is much different than 7th, and a little bit harder, but if you stay organized and follow directions you will be okay.

Madison’s Vision Board

When I am in high school, I want to do my work in the classroom. When I am an adult, I want to have two kids. I would also like to be a cop, and my dream job would be cosmetology.  I would like to work in cosmetology because I like makeup. Being a cop is one of my dreams because I think that they are cool and they help people stay safe. These are my goals and dreams.

In high school I want to get good grades. I am going to do all of my homework and get it to my teachers on time. I will study for tests and always ask for help when I need it. In high school I will need to stay organized, so I will keep all of my assignments written in a planner. I want to do good in high school so I can go to college for one of my dream jobs.

Justin Analysis

I am reading the book, Hamlet’s Trap by Janice Green. The main character is Justin. Justin is a curious character and thinks that his dad’s death wan not an accident. He is trying to find out what really happened to his dad. His mom is about to marry the guy he thinks killed his dad by cutting a hole in his glove.

Justin keeps on finding out new information that makes him believe his dad was killed, and did not die by an accident. He thinks this might be his mom’s boyfriends fault. He talks to a security guard to find out his mom’s boyfriend was at his dad’s work the morning he died. Now he really thinks that he did this to his dad.

Madison’s Dog

What is your favorite memory in your childhood? I have two. One of my favorite memories is walking my aunts dog. Another one of my favorite memories is riding my four wheeler. My aunt’s dog’s name is Oddie. He does tricks and he is small. He does not like kids that are hyper and mean to him. I walk him around the trailer park.

Riding my four wheeler is my other favorite memory. I like to ride my four wheeler in a field near my house. Usually I ride with my sisters. I don’t care if it is muddy out or not, I love to ride my four wheeler. These are my favorite childhood memories.

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If I was stranded on an island I would bring a knife, my dog, lighters, and I would bring my mom and my dad.  To start a fire easier to cook food I would need the lighter. I will bring with us the knife to hunt and to fish and you need sticks to build a fire. I would bring my dad and my mom so they can help me do stuff like start the fire and it is bad to be by yourself on an island. I would also bring my dog to a attack people and bark at things so he will be protecting us.

My mom can start the fire and can help my dad chop the wood. My mom can make food and my dad can go fishing.  We will be able to eat meals together if we all work together. They can cut rope and we can use it. Dad needs the knife to cut the fish.